Swapan Basu-New York City, New York

Organizer: Swapan Basu

Contact: sbpoet@juno.com

Here is a video from a Bengali movie, “Shap Mochan”, removal of curse, sang by Hemanta Mukherjee,. that is translated by Swapan Basun in original tune.

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/Q6NU9vVg7qk” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

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  1. Swapan Basu says:

    Please watch this video from the Bengali movie Shap Mochan, removal of curse, Actor Uttam Kumar singing on the street to beg, voice by Sri Hemanta Mukherjee. It was translated by me in original tune. Here is the link http://youtu.be/djPkhFZ0mxQ. Thank you.

  2. Swapan Basu says:

    Swapan singing a translated song by him from a Bengali movie Shapmochan, removal of a curse, sung by Sri Hemanta Mukherjee, actor Uttam Kumar in the original tune. Video at youtube.com/SBRhyme

  3. Swapan Basu says:

    The group with Deborah with her husband, Renee with Alithea, P
    ratip and Elliot

  4. Swapan Basu says:

    A Bengali song from the movie Shapmochan, removal of curse, sung by Sri Hemanta Mukherjee, actor Uttam Kumar, translated by Dr. Swapan Basu with subtitles posted at Youtube.com/SBRhyme.

  5. Swapan Basu says:

    Pratip reads his great grandfather Rajani Kanta Sen’s poem

  6. Swapan Basu says:

    Elliot reads with vigor

  7. Swapan Basu says:

    The Mother, Renee Ashmeade reads

  8. Swapan Basu says:

    Our youngest and the best poet Alithea reads

  9. Swapan Basu says:

    Our funded featured poet Deborah La Veglia reads with enthusiasm.

  10. Swapan Basu says:


    Please join us to raise your voice

  11. Swapan Basu says:

    Dear Poets, Singers & Musicians,

    Please participate in this world wide event held on
    Saturday 29th September 2012 at 2PM at the
    Hudson Park Library, Downstairs
    66 Leroy Street
    Greenwich Village, NY 10014.

    We will telecast your performance to all 5 boroughs of NYC and Newark, NJ

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