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Keshab Sigdel – Kathmandu, Nepal 2017


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Cassandra Lopez – Oakland, California 2017


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Paul Kusi – Obuadum – Kumasi, Ghana 2017


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Fadil Curri – Kastriot, Kosova 2017

Organizer: Fadil Curri Contact:

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Kristaq Shabani – Pegasi – Tirana, Albania 2017

Organizer: Kristaq Shabani Contact:

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Roberto Malini and Mauro Milani- Genoa, Italy 2017


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Bob Booker- Beat Museum – San Francisco, CA 2017

Organizer: Bob Booker



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Maw Shein Win- El Cerrito, California 2017


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Penelope La Montagne and John Koetzner – Healdsburg, California 2017

Organizer: Penelope la Montagne and Cynthia Helen Beecher Contact:  

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Lubna Irfan – Aligarh Muslim University – Aligharh, India 2017

  Organizer: Lubna Irfan Contact:  

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Ami Kaye – Glass Lyre Press and Pyrene’s Fountain – Glenview, Illinois 2017


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Mohamad Farahat and Mostafa Bedair – Cairo, Egypt 2017


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Noor Gul Shafaq- Kabul, Afghanistan 2017

Organizer: Noor Gul Shafaq Contact:  

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Antonia Russo – San Nicolas Buenos Aires Argentina 2017


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Jamie Dedes – Redwood City, CA (Virtual) 2017

ORGANIZER: Jamie Dedes CONTACT: GROUP: “The Bardo Group”  

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Chapal Saha – Dhaka, Bangladesh 2017

Organizer:  Chapal Saha Contact:  

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Walter Gonzalez – Guatemala City, Guatemala 2017

ORGANIZER: Walter Gonzalez CONTACT: GROUP: Poetry Slam Guatemala, Guatemala City, Guatemala

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Laura Shovan, Christine Stewart and City Lit – Baltimore, Maryland 2017

ORGANIZERS: Laura Shovan, Christine Stewart and City Lit CONTACT:

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Roy Anthony Shabla & Clifton Snider – Long Beach, California 2017

Organizer: Roy Anthony Shabla & Clifton Snider Contact: or Clifton

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Joseph Machado, Billie Duncan and Robin Davidson- Houston, Texas 2017

ORGANIZER: Billie Duncan, Robin Davidson, Joseph Machado CONTACT:,  

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Kensley Peter Charlemagne and Ponm Damou Kreations – St. Lucia 2017

ORGANIZER: Kensley Charlemagne CONTACT:  

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Suzi Winson, Circus Warehouse – Queens, NY 2017

ORGANIZER: Suzi Winson, Circus Warehouse CONTACT:

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John Gallaher, Mary Frances Wagner, and Xanath Caraza – Writer’s Place- Kansas City, Missouri 2017

ORGANIZERS: Maryfrances Wagner Programming Chair for The Writers Place, John Gallaher, and Xanath Caraza  CONTACT:

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Jameela Nishat – Hyderabad, India 2017


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Carlos Reyes Manzo – East London, England 2017

Organizer: Carlos Reyes Manzo

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Manuel Carrión and Keyla Holmquist – Maracay, Venezuela 2017

ORGANIZER: Manuel Carrión CONTACT: and Keyla Holmquist

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Faruk and Drita Buzhala – Ferizaj, Kosovo 2017

ORGANIZER: Faruk and Drita Buzhala CONTACT:

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Susan Lamont – Santa Rosa, California 2017

ORGANIZER: Susan Lamont CONTACT:    

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Dennis Formento & Geoff Munsterman- New Orleans, Louisiana 2017

ORGANIZER: Dennis Formento & Geoff Munsterman CONTACT:  

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Charles Mulaga- Mzuzu, Malawi 2017

Contact: Charles Mulaga Organizer:  

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Menka Shivdasani- Mumbai, India 2017

Organizer: Menka Shivdasani Contact:        

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Carol Caffrey- Witherow, Shrewsbury, United Kingdom 2017


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Igor Goldkind, San Diego, California 2017


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Benny Franklin- 100 MIL POETAS & MÚSICOS POR MUDANÇAS – Belem, Brazil 2017

ORGANIZER: Benny Franklin CONTACT:   [ SOBRE O EVENTO DA AMAZÔNIA ] 30 de Setembro, 18 Horas, SESC Boulevard, em Belém, encontro marcado com “100 MIL POETAS & MÚSICOS POR MUDANÇAS”. Nesta data, poetas & músicos amazônicos estarão em … Continue reading

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Blaise Allen- Palm Beach Poetry Festival, Palm Beach, Florida 2017

Organizer: Blaise Allen Contact: Group: Palm Beach Poetry Festival September 30th, 2017, 3:30-7:00 p.m. The American Rocks Bar and Grill 1600 East Hillsboro Blvd. Deerfield Beach, FL.954-428-4539 Please join us to participate in the largest poetry reading in history! … Continue reading

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John Gallaher and Maryfrances Wagner- Writer’s Place- Kansas City, Missouri

ORGANIZERS: Maryfrances Wagner Programming Chair for The Writers Place and John Gallaher LOCATION: 3607 PENNSYLVANIA, KANSAS CITY, MO 64111, (816) 753-1090 100,000 POETS FOR CHANGE Saturday, September 30, 2017 4:00pm 10:00pm This is an international event, and over 100,000 poets … Continue reading

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Just Buffalo Writing Center (Hannah Nathanson and Robin Jordan), Buffalo, New York 2017

ORGANIZERS: Just Buffalo Writing Center (Hannah Nathanson and Robin Jordan) CONTACT: GENERAL IDEA: This 100,000 Poets and Artists for Change event will be entirely youth-centric. Organized by young writers of the Just Buffalo Writing Center, the event will … Continue reading

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Ivonne Sánchez Barea- Cajar, Granada, Spain 2017

Saludo atentamente en calidad de ORGANIZADORA. Mi nombre es, Ivonne Sánchez Barea. Remito a continuación información sobre los poetas participantes en el ACTO RECITAL POR LA PAZ DEL MUNDO y a FAVOR de los REFUGIADOS que se realizará conjuntamente desde … Continue reading

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My Haiku Pond – Haiku for Change – Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands 2017

ORGANIZER: Michael Smeer CONTACT: Dear My Haiku Pond & haiku friends, Welcome to the 2nd Annual Haiku for Change Event (2017) in conjunction with 100 Thousand Poets for Change (Global) 2017. PROMPT: Write a NEW haiku (or senryu) regarding … Continue reading

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Brett Hutchins- From The Ground Up Community Garden- Pensacola, Florida 2017

ORGANIZER: Brett Hutchins CONTACT: ORGANIZATION: From The Ground Up Community Garden

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Justin Booth- Austin, Texas 2017


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Cristina Raskopf Norcross – Oconomowoc, Wisconsin 2017

ORGANIZER: Cristina Raskopf Norcross CONTACT:   100 Thousand Poets for Change We change the world by changing ourselves. It is an inside job of spiritual awareness, soul evolution, and mind revolution. How will YOU change the world with your … Continue reading

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100 TPC & World Peace Mural Tour/Street Art Tallahassee

100 TPC & World Peace Mural Tour in Tallahassee, FL on the wall @ Yosties Chili Parlor Thank you to the World Peace Mural Tour and Street Art Tallahassee for including us on the wall! We are honored to be … Continue reading

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Watershed Environmental Poetry Festival with 100TPC-2017

  ORGANIZERS: Joyce Jenkins and Kirk Lumpkin CONTACT:  

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ORGANIZER: Art Janz CONTACT: Running for September 2017 – 100TPC Offizielle NEU-Eröffnung einer MOBILEN GALERIE Kunst und Kulturprojekts ‘BAUWAGEN DER DEMOKRATIE’ Bachstr. 139 a, 40217 Düsseldorf, am Florapark

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Agnese Monaco-Rome, Italy 2017

ORGANIZER: Agnese Monaco CONTACT:     30 settembre 2017 Giornata Mondiale della Poesia a Roma Inviate la vostra candidatura per la Giornata Mondiale della Poesia a Roma‬!!! 100 thousand Poets For Change Rome 2017 !!! L’evento che coinvolge tutte … Continue reading

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Mojiba Ase -Kingston, Jamaica 2017


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Pirene’s Fountain-ESSAYS by 2011 Organizers

    Pirene’s Fountain  A Journal of Poetry Feature: 100 Thousand Poets for Change-Guest edited by  Larry Sawyer   Essays and other writings by 100 TPC organizers. Larry Sawyer Steve Dalachinsky Barbara Barg Nana Nestoros Zachary Kluckman Mujeeb Jaihoon Richard Kraweic Menka Shivdasani … Continue reading

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Rosa Anna Pironti – Mondragone (CE) – Italia 2017

0RGANIZER: Rosa Anna Pironti CONTACT:

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A Wetland Poetry Revival- “I’M WITH MOTHER EARTH”- 100TPC NEW ORLEANS, MAY 14, 2017

ORGANIZER: Dennis Formento CONTACT:  

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100TPC Part of May Day Action in Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee, FL May Day Action in conjuction w/ local organizations We are a multiracial and multigender group of individuals and organizations, faith communities, labor unions, student workers, transgender workers, immigrant workers, professionals and other allies joining together for a powerful … Continue reading

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Mitko Gogov- Skopje, Macedonia April 8, 2017

Organizer: Mitko Gogov Contact: FB event page:   Дизајн: Зоран Кардула

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Charlie Rossiter- Bennington, Vermont 2017

ORGANIZER: Charlie Rossiter CONTACT: 100K Poets, Musicians and Artists for Change All-Genre Open Mic September 30, 2017 7:00 pm 108 School St., Bennington, VT* Since 2011, 100K Poets for Change has been an annual world-wide happening made up of … Continue reading

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Faruk Buzhala Literary Club “De Rada” World Poetry Day Celebration and Slam Poetry Event- 2017

ORGANIZER: Faruk Buzhala, Literary Club “De Rada CONTACT: 21 MARSI – DITA BOTËRORE E POEZISË   21 Marsi është shpallur nga UNESCO si dita nderkombëtare e poezisë që nga viti 1999. Duke e festuar Ditën Botërore të Poezisë më … Continue reading

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100 Thousand Poets and Musicians for Change Benefit for Tallahassee Area Musicians Guild at Junction at Monroe

COMPLETE BIOS OF PERFORMERS… Ryley Smith is described by her label Cat Family Records as “The six-string siren that reaped Jeff Buckley’s soul.” Her EP from Cat Family is coming out soon. Ryley Smith collaborates with a variety of musicians … Continue reading

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Tony Frisby-Brighton, England 2017

ORGANIZER: Tony Frisby CONTACT:   The Nightingale Room,  Grand Central, Brighton – 1 to 5pm Saturday 30th Sept.

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LUCÍA ANGÉLICA FOLINO-Avellaneda, Buenos Aires 2017


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In conjuction with Uzupis Republic-Minsk, Belarus 2017


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Arturo Vázquez Sánchez-Liceo Poético de Benidorm -Santiago de Campostela, Spain 2017

ORGANIZER: Arturo Vázquez Sánchez CONTACT:

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Susan Lamont Celebrates Diversity of Sonoma County, 100 Thousand Poets for Change, Feb. 26, Gaia’s Garden 2017

Organizer: Susan Lamont


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Danny Shot and Eliot Katz: Issyra African Art Gallery, Hoboken, New Jersey 2017

ORGANIZERS: Danny Shot and Eliot Katz CONTACT: TIME AND LOCATION: Saturday, September 30 at 7 pm at: Issyra African Art Gallery 300 Observer Hwy Hoboken, New Jersey 07030

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Agron Shele, President– ATUNIS Brussels, Belgium and Dr.Albana Alia, Secretary , Albania / Itali E Mail: Website:   Hasije Selishta – ATUNIS Prishtine, Kosove Email : Bilall Maliqi- ATUNIS Presheve, Kosove Email: Irina Hysi -ATUNIS … Continue reading

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Mitko Gogov- Strumica and Skopje, Macedonia 2017

ORGANIZER: Mitko Gogov CONTACT:   Macedonia poster designed by: Zoran Cardula.

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Kat Copeland- Midland/Odessa (Permian Basin), Texas 2017

Organizer: Kat Copeland












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ORGANIZER: Sherjan Ahmad



Our Pianist, Albert Ahlf comes from a Jazz background, he’s influenced by musicians such as Bill Evans, Miles Davis and Louis Armstrong. Our Drummer, Taylor Simpson is a classically trained musician and also plays Jazz and rock. He’s influenced by musicians such as Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Jeff Porcaro and Led Zeppelin. Our Bass player/Vocalist, Charlotte Harrow is also a classically trained vocalist, she’s influenced by a lot of folk musicians such as Belle and Sebastian, Ruth Moodyand The Wailin’ Jenny’s. Our Rhythm Guitar player, Imraan Ahmad Khan is influenced by musicians such as Radiohead, Local Natives, James Blake and Jeff Buckley. And i’m the Lead Guitarist/Vocalist of the band and i’m influenced by Eastern Qawwali music and Western Rock Music. Artists such as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Junoon, Coldplay, U2 and The Beatles.


Nyack Unity Concert Gives Hope

by Jocelyn Jane Cox

In this current political enviroment filled with rancor and disagreement, it’s good to know that people are also coming together. Five local bands played in the name of unity at Nyack’s First Reformed Church on Jan 14 with all proceeds benefiting Planned Parenthood and Helping Hands. I was lucky enough to catch the tail end of this Unity Concert that featured Sammy Cannillo, Hold On, Caulfield, The Foxfires, Who Are They and The BeStills. It was more than just uplifting. It gave me hope.Unity Show

As Christian Diana of The Foxfires said, “The show was filled with people who were positive and supportive. The energy of the room was very synchronized. Sometimes shows can be stressful, but there was no stress with this; the spirit of unity seemed to take over.”

Can A Concert Promote Unity?

When I asked Sherjan Ahmad, one of the organizers of the event and the lead singer of the BeStills, why he helped to put this together, he said, “After the election I sensed a lot of negativity and polarization in our country and our community. . . . I said to myself, ‘What can I do in my community that can help bring some healing and unite us during these divisive times?’” He met with Pastor John Vandenoever, who is a guitar player himself and who was more than happy to help. “Things began to fall into place. . . . It’s a small step we’re taking to build awareness for celebrating diversity. America has always been a cultural melting pot and that’s one of its biggest strengths. This is our way of strengthening community through music.”

Ahmad, who is just 23 years old, has a stage presence and wisdom well beyond his years. He was born in Pakistan but has lived in Rockland County since 2002. He went to South Orangetown Middle School, Tappan Zee High School, and Purchase College. He told me that the first few years in the United States were tough because it was right after 9/11. “I was constantly bullied in school, kids would not give me a seat on the bus, they’d call me nasty names such as ‘Terrorist’ and ‘Osama’s son.’ I remember coming home one day, crying to my mom and telling her that ‘I don’t want to live here anymore, I don’t belong here.’ She told me to be strong and that things will get better if you try to build bridges. She was right because when I was 12 my dad bought me a guitar and that helped me share my passions, dreams, and stories with my classmates and that changed adversity to acceptance.”

This event was a direct and more public extension of that bridge-building his mother suggested 15 years ago.

Ahmad said that he, along with co-organizer Tyler Lamphere, of Hold On, Caulfield, put together this list of bands based on their having done charitable work in the past. “Most importantly, their music reflects the message of love and community.”

When my friend and I walked in, the BeStills were just taking the stage. Their music is about hope and love. It’s upbeat and combines the influences of Coldplay, U2, Fleetwood Mac, Radiohead, and The Beatles. One song they performed, “Hearts Don’t Break,” begins, “Young hearts trying to see the light/But there’s darkness everywhere. You fall hard, you never give up / They keep pushing you away.”

Between sets, Ahmad was gracious, and quoted Martin Luther King. Ahmad describes his bandmates (pianist Albert Ahlf, drummer Taylor Simpson, bass player/vocalist Charlotte Harrow, rhythm guitar player Imraan Ahmad Khan) as his best friends. They grew up in the same town. “All of our paths crossed because of our love and passion for music. The unique thing about our band is that we’re very diverse in terms of our backgrounds, cultures, and musical tastes.”

One of the most powerful moments came at the very end of the show, when members from all of the bands, mostly 20-somethings, got on stage together to sing John Lennon’s “Imagine” (pictured above). The song did the impossible: It made me hopeful.

A few days after the show, when I asked Ahmad how he thought it went, he said he was pleased not only by the amount of money that they raised but also the way people came together. He loved seeing all the other bands perform. They had to cancel the show the week before due to snow, and it started snowing and getting icy on the rescheduled night as well, but he said, “people still came out and they stayed until the end. One mother and daughter came up to me afterwards and said they had driven 40 minutes to get there and they were glad they did.”

Ahmad believes we can all bring some light to the world, that we can all bring small changes to our circles, whether we’re doctors or teachers or musicians. “If we do this,” he said, “little by little, it all adds up.”

These are wise words from this 23 year-old. And this kind of optimism and belief in unity? Completely contagious. Keep your eye out for all of these bands as they release records and perform locally and beyond. This is our country’s future, and it looks very promising.

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100TPC Santa Rosa, CA Series Continues – Jan.22nd Event

100 Thousand Poets for Change/Poets Against the Trump Agenda. We are leaving lots of time for Open Mic, so come on down and please share this with other poets.  

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Vera Bonaccini and Matisklo Editions- Savona, Italy 2016

ORGANIZER: Vera Bonaccini and Matisklo Editions CONTACT:    

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Laura Collado – Barcelona, Spain 2016


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Lonnie Buerge – Kansas City, Missouri 2016


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Elvana Zaimi-Tirana, Albania 2016

Organizer: Elvana Zaimi Contact:

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Dipalle Parmar -Pune, India 2016

Organizer: Dipalle Parmar and Open Space Contact:  

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Anthony Mokwe -Abuja, Nigeria 2016


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Lyn Coffin -Tbilisi, Georgia

Organizer:  Lyn Coffin Contact:  

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Kimberly Burnham -Spokane, Washington 2916

ORGANIZER: Kimberly Burnham CONTACT:

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