Maun, Botswana

Organizer:  Legodile ‘Dredd X’ Seganabeng-Poetavango Spoken Word Poetry




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  1. Poetavango Spoken Word Poetry says:

    In September 29th, which will be an eve of Botswana’s Independence Day, Maun will host another heavy and full-impact poetry slam. It’s in alignment with an international celebration dubbed 100 Thousand Poets For Change. This event will feature various poets and will have an open-mic podium. We encourage all you budding poets out there to register yourself in advance if you wish to spill your guts to the world on this stage. Remember this is all about making a positive change. Your poetry should thus be tapered towards some form of change. It’s entirely up to you. There are no limitation. Think beyond limits! Or, as the cliche goes, think outside the box. Details for registration will be availed soon.

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