St. Cloud, Minnesota

Organizer: Rex Veeder


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  1. Rex Veeder says:

    We are organizing a performance poetry, music, and poetry reading that will include a group of people who are involved with Survive and Thrive: It Start With the Heart. Our mission has to do with those who have suffered and survived a Sudden Cardiac Arrest but generally works for restoritive therapies for those who have suffered the trauma of illness or injury.

    “The primary focus of the event is on the survivors, caregivers, families, and those who were lost to Sudden Cardiac Arrest and their families. Between 300 and 350 thousand people die of SCA every year in the United States. Yet, it is rare that an event focus on awareness of SCA and the actions we can take to increase the odds of survival and enable the survivors to thrive. Accordingly, the program includes academic presentations for Medical, Art, Music, Writing, Theater, Film, and workshops in Medical Humanities, CPR, and EMS.

    We are dedicated to improving the odds of survival and of living well through education about Sudden Cardiac Arrest. We are committed to engendering and facilitating restorative therapies for the sick and injured, their caretakers, families, and medical professionals. Welcome to all who are dedicated to saving livges and the aesthetic experience in healing.”

    We will bring together face to face and through electronic means the poets and authors and musicians of the Survive and Thrive organization.

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