Charlotte Andrew-Wellington, New Zealand

Organizer:  Charlotte Andrew


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  1. JR Murphy says:

    Looking to connect with other political poets who want to change the world.

    Sitting here listening to Eric
    In my battered old 50s rockin chair
    My discman gives it to me just how I like it
    Loud and surround in my ear

    Off in the distance past the neighbours
    The poplars whisper the winds symphony
    As spirit blows cross the papa
    There’s a storm brewing, sweeping up country

    Eric’s started blowing harp in my head
    And knockin on the door of the dead
    Trying to keep it together through this killer storm weather
    A battle that fills me with dread

    The CDs now on Guns n Roses
    As the evening air touches my skin
    And the clouds rolling in from the west
    Like a woollen cloak being pulled cross the heavens

    Now Axle starts knockin on the door
    As only he knows how to do
    He sings it, I live it
    Trying that door to break through

    Oh God when are they gunna listen
    Their ears are so closed to our pain
    The voice of a casualty of trauma
    Writhing in pain, writhing in pain

    The light is starting to fade….
    Knock knock knockin on heavens door
    Knock knock knockin on heavens door
    Knock knock knockin on heavens door

    JR Murphy poet

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