Hong Kong, China

Organizer: Nick Walker
Contact: balticmedia@ymail.com

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  1. Nick Walker says:

    To my chagrin, the World Peace Cafe has shut down. It was a marvellous little venue, and I’m sure I’m not the only person who greatly misses it.

    The new venue is located in the same street (actually opposite the no-gone WPC).

    It’s called Himalaya, and is a outstanding, spacious, and inexpensive Nepalese restaurant.
    The address is 1/F A 20-30 Tai Wong Street East, Wanchai, Hong Kong

    Now I’ll have to go to the trouble of making a new poster. Oh well. In any case, the event is still called “A Better Tomorrow 2”.

    Looking forward to seeing you there on Saturday, September 29. The event will start at 6pm sharp.

    (Please feel free to contact me at: balticmedia@ymail.com if this poetry event interests you.)

    Peace & love,


  2. Nick Walker says:


  3. Nick Walker says:


  4. Nick Walker says:


    Following last year’s well-received and highly enjoyable 100TPC event at Kowloon City’s “San Bo Sin” Korean eatery, we’re doing it again. This time the venue is Wanchai’s “World Peace Cafe”. (21-23 Tai Wong Street East, Wan Chai.)

    Last year’s event was titled “A Better Tomorrow”. Hong Kong’s upcoming 100TPC event, continuing the auteur-Woo riff, is being dubbed “A Better Tomorrow 2”, and participating poets are encouraged to pen and read verse that addresses issues concerning how to make our world a better place. Wide parameters, and — after last year’s reading — lofty expectations.

    If you wish to participate, or have any queries at all, please email me at balticmedia@ymail.com

    Peace & love,

    Nick Walker

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