100 Thousand Letters of Support for Bradley Manning- Pasadena, California


Organizer: Teresa Chuc

Contact: teresameichuc@gmail.com

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41 Responses to 100 Thousand Letters of Support for Bradley Manning- Pasadena, California

  1. Keri Creighton says:

    Mr. Manning, you are not forgotten. You have paid such a high price for speaking truth in the face of lies. You are a hero. Thank you for speaking out. I hope you will soon be free.

  2. Frankie Wollstone says:

    Dear Brad,

    Although you are alone and have been alone for a very long time in an illegal pretrial prison, I hope you know that millions of people stand with you in solidarity of your just and lawful actions. You upheld the US Constitution and protected the people of America by telling them the truth about their government’s illegal actions. You have suffered a great injustice and continue to suffer, but I hope one day soon that you will be free. Remember that Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. were imprisoned for their just beliefs. David Coombs and your legal team are trying to bring light to the blind eyes of the warped government system that we have before us now. We support you. Don’t give up!

    All my very best wishes,

    Frankie Wollstone

  3. Nathaniel Dickerhoff says:

    Dearest Bradley,

    As a concerned citizen, I salute your bravery, courage and sacrifice to do the right thing and to honor your country’s highest ideals. You are one of the few who’s earned the stars and stripes in our time. May our gov’t come to its senses soon and award you your well-deserved freedom from persecution. May the world soon be free of US despotism and tyranny. And may Americans see the day when those occupying the highest offices in the land will be held to account for their crimes against the Constitution and our fellow Americans.

  4. Antonia (Toni) says:

    Dear Bradley, I learned of you through Ethan McCord, whom I recently met under unusual circumstances. I applaud your courage and send you wishes for the strength to get through this. There are so many people supporting you.

  5. Teresa Chuc says:

    Dear Mr. Manning,

    I was born shortly after the fall of Saigon, Vietnam. My mother, brother and I escaped the country in a boat while my father remained in a North Vietnamese re-education camp. I am grateful for people, such as Daniel Ellsberg, who revealed the truth about the American war in Vietnam. The war in Vietnam seems like such a long time ago though the pain still remains so close and raw in my heart. I thank you for your bravery in the U.S.’s recent wars, I thank you for standing up for life and truth in the midst of so much death and destruction and at your own peril. I wish you the best and that you will soon be free!


  6. Shirley Moore says:


    I would like to express my support for Bradley Manning and all the other whistle blowers, especially Julian Assange.

    To all of you: keep up the good work, to all the media: please use your channels to inform the public about how important it is to know exactly what our leaders do if democracy is to survive.

    My best wishes to all of you, and an enormous thank you!

    Shirley Moore

  7. Amanda Leigh Rogers says:

    Dear Mr. Manning,

    I am so grateful to you for your courage to tell the truth, and so very sorry for how you have been treated. You have many people who care about you and respect you. You are in my prayers.

    Amanda Leigh Rogers

  8. heidi lucken says:

    Believe in yourself everyday, Love yourself everyday. The world truly is with you.
    You will survive this abuse of our legal system and the abuse which has been perpetrated on you too.
    Peace, Heidi

  9. Bob Mountain says:

    Dear Mr Manning

    You have shown a degree of moral courage and commitment to humanitarian values that shames the Apparatus of the American state. The “Land of the Free”? Hard to see. Very best wishes.


  10. Anne says:

    Dear Bradley,
    Just wishing you the very, very best!
    Thank you for letting us know what was happening and getting the information out!

  11. Greg Harris says:

    A true inspiration and a hero, i hope there can be a positive outcome at the end of all this

  12. Vlad says:

    Dear Bradley,

    I always feel a great respect for courageous people. I strongly feel I would like to be one of them. So I agree with everything you did and I wish you could disclose much more of those daily crimes comitted by the criminal regimes. I am very happy you are not just a robot like many other soldiers who unfortunatelly are. In fact, it is a shame that we, as humanity, are having these problems. It makes me very angry that we with our great potentials are having these useless and stupid problems which you are the part and the victim of. I believe all those responsible for your humiliation and torture will heavily pay for it very soon and that they will experience the same humiliation of their families as this is the only language these criminals speak. And I wish us to be understood by them. They sympathise only with their own bood. How primitive and how low!

    Nevertheless I wish you a strong mind and a brave heart in this short aproaching time and then just glory and joy from our total victory.

    With respect hughs,


  13. Arvind Jadwa says:

    Dear Bradley

    I live in London UK.
    What you did took a lot of courage, but then you care for the human race.
    I applaud you.
    You and Julian Assange are my heros.

  14. Kampy says:

    I really don’t know what to say although I want to say something. I think what you did was important and justified and also necessary to expose the cruelty. I, and probably you more than I, just wish you had covered up your traces a little better. I don’t know if have had the courage to publish that information, maybe not, but I would have made sure they don’t catch me, because now obviously the evil machine is unleashing the cruelty you’ve seen on yourself. I just hope you will have a fair trial. One that includes the importance of that data leak for justice and truth. I personally think that you should be found guilty and then you should be reprieved. At least that is my understanding of the justice system – if one does something forbidden for the right reason one should be found guilty, but with little or no punishment. By the way in the German army we have the principle of conscience that says as a soldier you may never obey an order against your own conscience. I wish that more armies had that principle especially the army of the United States. Anyway, I wish you all the best, thank you and good luck for your future.

    Kampy from Germany

  15. Dianne Reum says:

    Buried in all the war propagandizing has been the truth. Mainstream media doesn’t talk about petrodollars, the numbers of civilians killed as, by executive order, Obama drone-bombs 6 countries, as indefinitive detention of American citizens AND propaganda are unConstitutionally written into the NDAA law, warrentless spying increases, drones are flying in American air space, our police are becoming militarized and the Federal Reserve banking cartel is allowed to steal more than the $16 trillion they already have.

    Truth is NOT a crime and, indeed, it is absolutely necessary for a free society.

    Thank God for your courage, speaking truth to power. You, Mr. Manning, are one of my heroes.


    • Jackdan says:

      Dear Bradley,
      I thank you for your wisdom, generosity, and courage. You have alerted the world to serious crimes committed by people and organisations in the name of a just war.
      Thank you and blessings for a swift release,
      Jack Dan (Australia)

  16. Riki Agnew Te Paa says:

    Dear Mr Manning, what an incredible human being you are! Your parents must be so proud to have raised such a patriot, such a brave man of integrity and honor! You stood up to serve your country and in doing so you served the entire planet! You showed us all the ugly truth behind the great lie of democracy and homeland security! Now you are being persecuted and made an example of by the desperate, psychopathic criminals who hide behind walls of propaganda and deception! History will vindicate you and your heroism will be recognized! The ripples of consequence that radiate outward from your selfless act are even now growing into an unstoppable tsunami of planetary outrage! I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Millions are with you!

    Riki Agnew TePaa

  17. Angella Gibbs says:

    For all that you have sacrificed, I give you my humblest gratitude. You are a hero. X

  18. Janice Durst says:

    Thank you, Mr. Manning. Your bravery is appreciated. Every Blessing, from Toronto, Canada.

  19. P. Burke says:

    Mr. Manning
    You are a true symbol of the courage and selflessness that humanity can achieve. The malfeasants that have imprisoned you are axiomatically wrong and demonstrably corrupt. The fact that you are still wrongfully imprisoned is, and will for all of history, be a beacon for all of the world to see of just how terrified governments are of the truth being revealed to the populace.
    Each day you spend imprisoned, is a day that you are fighting for global freedoms. You are THE hero of this century and you will always have support.

  20. kevin says:

    well done, history will show

  21. Bronwyn says:

    Dear Mr. Manning,

    You are the bravest soldier I have ever heard of. You have my undying gratitude and respect. I hope your life becomes easier very soon.

    Yours in awe,


  22. Hernâni Viegas says:

    Mr. Manning, thank you for your courage, for standing up against what is wrong and denoucing war crimes. You have my full admiration. I hope a very soon release out of jail. All the best to you. A friend, from Portugal.

  23. John B. Cobey says:

    The action you undertook was incredibly courageous. You are a true American hero. A healthy democracy depends on people of conscience such as you. There should be a huge popular outcry for your release, but for now, those of us who have heard about and understand the significance of your heroic act will keep on fighting for your freedom. You are an inspiration to many.
    With affection and admiration, John

  24. Paul Lipska says:

    Thank you for what you did for me and for every American who has felt powerless to do anything about the choices our leaders made on our behalf. I’m sorry president Obama has forgotten why he was elected and will do my best to remind him in the days ahead.

  25. roberto says:

    Dear Bradley, I think you should be released immediately. I hope to see soon you free. Thank you for your true ethical behavior. All the best from Italy.

  26. Linda Jansen says:

    Dear Brad,

    You are the best of us. It gives me hope for the future to know there are people like you in this country.

    Let’s hope there are some more like you in the judiciary who will do the right thing also.

  27. Jean Gerard says:

    Free Bradley Manning! I am entirely in support of the WikiLeaks release of the State Department cables, and of whistle-blower actions in general. Specifically, I think democracy cannot possibly survive unless the general public knows the
    details of what the government and military are doing and planning to do, and can have regular opportunities to convince governmental and military officials to self-correct. when policies are mistaken, destructive and counter-productive. Things done to destroy such opportunities and to punish those who make such opportunities available in the national interest are themselves destructive. The people cannot govern themselves without truthful information. and governments who hide what they are doing are being less than honest.

  28. Bradley Manning,

    Thank you for standing up for the truth, the world is on your side. We hope US will do what is right and stop prosecuting whistleblowers, clean up the US government.

  29. Cheryl Butterworth says:


    The truth will come out and one day you will be free and appreciated publicaly for the immense sacrifice you have made. Every day when I am walking somewhere I think of you and Julian Assange being imprisoned to protect me and my freedom and I send you my love and appreciation for the selfless courage and bravery you have exemplified to all of us. I hope that the authorities realise how much inspiration you are giving to all of us to fight for the freedom to know the truth and hold our governments to account for the injustices they do “in our name”.

    I can not thank you enough for what you have done.
    Those who are punishing you will experience the consequences of their actions one day.
    Their karma is unavoidable.
    Cheryl. xXx

  30. Ngijaring Bukgadae says:

    Dear Bradley, I am so glad you had the guts to do what you did, you are a Man among men. One in a Billion. Well Done!!!
    If only others would or could be so Brave, True, Caring and Humane!!!

    I am praying for you that you will be given Strength to handle this and that you will be freed ASAP!!! <3 <3 <3

    Hoping also that those responsible will be dealt with accordingly and ASAP!!!

    Love to You!!! <3 <3 <3

  31. Nadia Aronson says:

    I am a supporteer of Vietnam Vets for Peace and Vets for Peace. Your bravery, conviction of what is right and humane, courage to stand up in the face of power and intimidation, gives us all hope and inspires us to try to do the “hard” thing. I hope for a just evaluation of your actions and feel the US is hitting a new low with your prosecution. Thank you in the name of all of us who have neither the bravery or opportunity to do what you are doing for us all. Nadia Aronson

  32. Bradley,
    We stand out in Davis Sq in Somerville, MA every Wednesday for an hour and try to get people interested in your case. Many people listen, though quite a few ignore us, but many people come up and thank us for what we’re doing. I am horrified that you’re in jail and the people whose actions you exposed are happily being promoted and continuing their careers in the military and government. We need people like you. You will get out and be appreciated, just like Daniel Ellsberg is today. Thanks for all the courage you’ve shown and I hope you are free to enjoy the gratitude of many people very soon.
    Yours for a very new day soon,
    Susan McLucas

  33. Ray Parrish says:

    Forty years ago, during Vietnam, I was an intell analyst serving in the mid-east. I didn’t have the courage to do what Bradley did. His efforts SHOULD have insured that the quilty war criminals will be punished. But the new batch won’t do it.

  34. Esther S says:

    Bradley Manning, you have had the tremendous courage to take on evil forces bent on devouring the World and its creatures. I am sorry that you had to suffer for all of us. Your integrity and your actions have given us increased awareness and true hope that a better and more loving direction can be found. May the Universe bless you and the world.

  35. Robert Wolfreys says:

    Thank you, Bradley Manning.

  36. Lorenzo A. Canizares says:

    The Courage of Your convinctions is an inspiration to all the decent people of the world. And I sincerely believe we are the vast majority.

  37. Gail Coleman says:

    Dear Bradley,
    I want you to know how very many people, just like me, are proud of your actions. You saw a wrong and sought to make it right. This was at great risk to yourself and something most people would not have had the courage to do.
    What has happened to you-is happening to you-as a result is a terrible injustice! YOU are the kind of person the world needs more of, not the ones who are persecuting you!
    I recently joined Veterans For Peace and we fully support you. Our prayers are with you!

    Gail Coleman

  38. simon bowler says:

    Dear Mr. Manning,

    As an American citizen I am appalled that you are in prison and I firmly believe that you have done a great service to this nation and shown extraordinary courage. You should be hailed as a hero and not besmirched and illegally detained and tortured.

    With your courage to do the right thing you make me proud to be American once more.

    Be strong, you will be free, and may that day come soon, and know that you are an inspiration. I tell my 11 year old daughter about you and she says you are a true hero.

    Thank you.

  39. Jesse Thomas says:

    Mr. Manning,
    Ordinarily I do not have sympathy for those in the military at all, but you have proven that you are one of the few who actually do have a consience, and I’m very sorry you have had to pay so much for it. However I hope you understand your work in letting the world know that the murderers you worked with have been exposed throughout the planet, and all the pro-militant propaganda is no match for the truth.

    Millions of hearts are with you.

  40. Danny Walther says:

    Dear Mr. Manning, I’m just a guy fom Germany, hardly able to do anything that will help you BUT I want you to know that I really admire what you did. You wil be free one day – and that day will come soon.
    All the best for you!

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