Camden, New Jersey

Organizer: Niger Ali at Nubian Prophets Re-Empowered and Sr. and Donette Land at Jaden’s Place, Inc.


Organizer: Emery Moore, Peace On Streets


12:00pm until 4:00pm in EDT
4th & Washington St, Camden,NJ

The Camden,NJ venue will be from 12-4pm @ 4th & Washington Sts. There will also be a BBQ, things for the youth, information tables, speakers, singers, hip hop.

This is not an intentional division of the city. There is another great event going on in Parkside by Rashaan Hornsby, Cornell Garnett, Bomani and a host of others. Unfortunately the events could not be joined…next time they will be.
Please click on the invite button to invite your facebook friends. Also go to the 100 thousand poets for change website to get a more indepth understanding of the event. 115 Countyries worldwide yes worldwide are invovled. We will be addressing spiritual deficiencies, not knowing and/or moving in your purpose, poverty, crime, and many more topics. There will be poets, singers, dancers, hip hop artist, face painting, moon bounces, information tables, speacial guest speakers…a trivia that has cash prizes, BBQ….

This event will be documented by Stanford University as a historical event.

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  2. Niger Ali,Sr says:


  3. Niger Ali says:

    My wife Has an awesome organization named Jaden’s Place Inc. for more info.

  4. Emery Moore says:

    Peace On Streets as reached out to organizers Niger Ali at Nubian Prophets Re-Empowered and Donnoette Land at Jaden’s Place,Inc to help promote peace on the streets via conscious artistry,help build relationships with elected officials,other organizations and communities.Niger will also focus on raising the awareness of Spiritual deficiency & how its effecting our communities.

  5. GOD 1st
    I am not just a poet, I am the spoken word manifest from the poetry called earth…my birth not only caused my mother’s girth..birth from the womb is the likeness and image of perfection…the reflection, refracting rejection and synchophatic acceptance. I am known and called by my name Niger-Hamal Ali meaning Dark Lamb Son of….by JAH….
    I am the voice of the silent cries I have heard and are hearing. I am the one to speak the CURE of the spiritual deficiency. I am love hate you must find. I am we, us, them, I, me, you, he, him, son, dad,brother, beloved, trusted, untrusted, truth, lies, yes, no, right, wrong,big,medium,small,dark,light,an obsticle, a bridge, a road, an alley, a ladder, a house, a home, a body, a mind, a soul, a spirit, a reciever, a giver, a prayer, a prayer,a teacher, a student,a letter, a number, a sentence, a word, a thought,a remedy, silent, vocal, foreign, domestic, free, enslaved, brave, scared, scarred, healed, wounded, hidden, visible, stubborn, versitile, strong, weak, humble, meek, a writer, a singer, a visionary,a chess player, a basketball player, a football player, a soccer player, a guitar player, a keyboard player, a beat maker, an accapella artist, freestyle artist, sketch artist, a listener,a motivator, a liasion,happy, sad, angry,frustrated, neglected, respected, inspected, projected, an example,a warning, an achievement,active, procrastinator,a victim, a lesson, a warrior,a husband, a confidant, a lover,a thinker,a planner,a soul-mate, an ex-prisoner, ex-hustler, ex-husband, ex-boyfriend, ex-lover, ex-friend,extraordinary, extremely excited I exited the negative mind-frame that exiled me from my true purpose fore knew before the foundations of the earth….I am not afraid to live, move and have my being in Christ Jesus. I am more than me, I am you, and we are life, and we are time.
    Bless Up,
    Niger-Hamal Ali, Sr, aka Jah Dark Lamb

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