Mark Gibbons Book Release Solidarity Reading Sept. 22- Missoula, Montana

Organizer: Mark Gibbons


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  1. Mark Gibbons says:

    write on

    write something, right
    something, left something, wrong
    something, what
    is wrong about something
    right, something left,
    something red-wrong as woody
    or a wobbly song,
    not simply some thing’s power
    to detest, but something
    best left unsaid,
    like the dead,
    something wicked this way comes
    on sale to the highest bidder . . .
    another civic hero,
    a bloomin’ player,
    a rich man, a political
    force, a man who speaks
    and forces listen . . .
    listen . . .
    was that sound
    a guillotine
    or a video game
    was it the wind
    slamming a door,
    someone closing a hatch,
    perhaps a jailor throwing the switch . . .
    another chilly draft spoiled
    by virtual reality . . .
    who owns you
    is better left unsaid,
    better to be
    a slave today,
    better to be undead,
    write the truth
    in your head,
    or say something,
    anything, a change from
    saying nothing, speak . . .
    speak for your survival,
    speak for everyone,
    it’s time for a change,
    time for the force
    to be with us, time to choose
    love over money
    over fear over death,
    time to love, to trust,
    to choose to care
    for one another,
    it’s time today to write
    something about love,
    about justice, about living
    a good life, it’s time
    to right the selfish wrongs
    in the land of the greedy-free,
    it’s time to write something,
    to be brave, to stand
    up and right the story,
    it’s time to be
    something to say

    —for those in the trenches occupying our attention camping out on Main street, Wall street, the courthouse lawn, thank you for demonstrating our yearning to reclaim our parents American dream

    mark gibbons
    october 13, 2011
    missoula, montana

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