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Talent Magazine Miami

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  1. NuSenze says:

    I Want to let everyone know that these people are amazing, and give those of us chances that most would never think twice about. Thank All of You and Andrew, you have given me a whole new way to get my generations voice out and bring the unknown talent to the forefront In Both Florida and Internationally. You and the team are amazing people and my promise to you is to search for as much unknown true talent and send you as many articles as possible. Thank All Of You!!_NuSenze

  2. Andrew Earl Singer says:

    KING TUTANKHAMEN: THE GOLD PHARAOH and SOUL.BODY.MIND. Andrew Earl Singer singercheck@aol.com Do you believe in re-incarnation? Imagine that you lived in a different body than you have now; what becomes of all of your efforts while you inhabit the body you now have once you are dead. This is a focal point of the ancient Egyptian myth and theory of Life After Death and Life During the Life of the Body. The physical death of the body is truly a great mystery and has yet to be answered with equanimity among the masses. The uncertainty of Death intrigued our ancient fore parents and they wrote in hieroglyphics about the mystery of Death. Suppose you were a King or Queen and had grown up with the knowledge that in your best interest and if re-incarnation was possible that creating objects with liken images and monuments might help you remember. Add to that mummification and everything you would need once you returned to life and you have a modern day sci-fi thriller or a half hour T-V show. I hear about people living before and finding out about their past life (lives) and according to what I have heard, inside themselves is a SOUL which continually enters a new body after the death of the inhabited one. Extraordinary! Now for the fantasy, imagine that you are a SOUL and enter a BODY with a MIND and give your MIND the job of communicating with the SOUL and having the MIND control the BODY. This is the story I unfolded in deciphering one of the many sections of hieroglyphic texts. The ancients were obsessed with understanding their INNER ESSENCE (SOUL). Is the goal of HUMAN LIFE to be a GOOD PERSON by following a GOOD PATH? If re-incarnation is true and the cycle of re-birth is eternal and we are born to die, shouldn’t we do everything in our power to understand our own reason for existence? If life goes on after the DEATH OF THE BODY, why not make an attempt to understand what happens to us? We live in the dilemma that we do not know what comes after the Death of the BODY. The ancients put that to rest and began crafting in their daily life with ardent passion. The KING TUTANKHAMEN objects of art, tell a story of LOVE and WISDOM. Translating hieroglyphics involves interpreting individual pictures and incorporating them into a story. Many ancient texts have missing glyphs and need support from similar texts. Many of the texts give an in depth moral view, a view of oneself in a very moral and judgmental view. My efforts for King Tutankhamen are beckoning me; a portion of his collection is a few miles from my home in Florida. QUEEN ANKHESENAMEN is an exotic and mysterious woman. The QUEEN is probably the most misunderstood woman that has ever lived. Her life is extremely controversial and rumors about her love life are in abundance. When I deciphered an inscription about the mysterious QUEEN OF ANCIENT EGYPT from a text inscribed in gold I found this, “I see a new beginning with the movement in the direction of LIFE. Soon my path shall add another point, ANKHESENAMEN. She is a child of the SUN and MOON and so am I. She is a follower of the GOOD PATH and a searcher for her INNER SELF. ANKHESENAMEN seeks the INNER EYE and the ABSOLUTE PERFECTION of the SOUL.BODY.MIND., in ONE REALIZED SELF. The path is foretold. The goal is realized. ANKHESENAMEN faces the mirror. Seated beneath the SUN are two in wedlock, KING TUTANKHAMEN and QUEEN ANKHESENAMEN both seeking perfection of the SOUL.BODY.MIND. Both walk a GOOD PATH.” Speculations about the entire family are proof that definitive facts are few and that adds to the mystery. Some Egyptologists have offered speculations as to race, color and creed of King Tutankhamen and even the King’s own religion is being scrutinized. King Tutankhamen is the best Ambassador Egypt could offer and with Dr. Zahi Hawass at the helm, we are fortunate to have all that is offered by Egypt and at an affordable price. Dr. Hawass has promised to take his passion to the highest limits and I am the first to say thanks for all of his efforts in preserving Ancient Egypt. I do disagree with Dr. Hawass about King Tutankhamen being dead at 19. In my decipherment of the life of King Tutankhamen, his death was at 28 years. My research is ongoing and these areas below are being edited. The Life of King Tutankhamen: The Gold Pharaoh Tutankhamen: The Gold Pharaoh Part 1 (Ascent to the Throne) Tutankhamen: The Gold Pharaoh Part 2 (King, Husband, Father, Death, Re-birth) Queen ANKHESENAMEN (Decipherment) Egyptian Love Story (Decipherment of Art Works) The Philosophy of Daily Life According to the Ancient Egyptians (Decipherment) The Unfolding of Truth (Decipherment of Redemption 24 SOULS) The Egyptian Play of the Dead (Transliteration) God (Decipherment) Eternal Life (Decipherment) The Egyptian Sun and Moon (Decipherment) The Sun and its Attributes (Decipherment) The Core of It All (poem) Absolute Truth (Decipherment) The True Love of Life (Compilation) The Beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians (Decipherment) King Tutankhamen Wooden Coffer (Decipherment) Truth (Translation) The Ray of Love (Art Interpretation) The Intestinal Coffer of King Tutankhamen (Decipherment) To Re-Find the Universal Aim (Article) Within and Without (Article) The Isis Tribute to King Tutankhamen (Decipherment) The Path (Speech) Ceremonial Coronation of King Tutankhamen (Statement of Affairs) The Royal Residence (Identification) Record of Activities (Decipherment) Conditions of Ancient Egypt (Historic Account) Conditions of Ancient Egypt (Biblical Account) Sanctuaries for Spiritual Enlightenment (Identification) Treasures from the Temples (Identification) Treasures from the Treasury (Identification) Ancient Egyptian National Archives (Reflection) Prayers Answered by the Sun (Interpretation of Stone Slabs) Acts of Piety (Documentary Interpretative Decipherments) Military Operations (Historic Account) The Royal Master (Self Enlightenment Account) The Royal Lineage of the Kings and Queens of Egypt (Identification) The Throne of the Amen Lineage (Identification) The Most Powerful King (Personal Review) Administration for the Advancement of Affairs (National and International) In Search of the Tomb of Queen Ankh-Es-En-Pa-Amen Queen Ankh-Es-En-Pa-Amen (Identification) The Sphinx of Amenophis III (Identification) King Amenophis III (Personal Account) Winged Sphinx of Queen Tiy (Identification) Queen Tiy (Personal Account) Ay, The Brother of Queen Tiy and Future King (Identification) Queen Nefertiti (Identification) King Akhenaten (Identification) King Smenkhare (Identification) The Regalia of the Amen Dynasty (Costume Identification) The Knower of the Power (Reflections) The Limit (Self Enlightenment) Scepter Pectoral of Purification (Decipherment) King Tutankhamen Pectoral of the Supreme King (Decipherment) Decipherment of the Walls of the King Tutankhamen Crypt (Translation) The Game of One (Egyptian Fable) True Love (Poetic Verse) Life Aim (Self Enlightenment) The Phoenix (Egyptian Fable) The Energy Will Flow (Statement and Conclusion) The Solar System from the Ancient Egyptian Point of View (Clarified Opinion) King Tutankhamen Lives Again (21st century Ambassador) Tut Tut Tut (20th and 21st Century Effect from the Life of King Tutankhamen) The Diary of Queen Nefertiti (Composite decipherment from Relief’s) My Crown ( Review from decipherments) The Prince of Noble Birth (Historical Account) Gold Scepter (Defined) I Am But A Gentle Man (Self Enlightenment) Within the Power of Amen (Soliloquy) The Beginning (Interpretation) Happiness Gives Forth (Poetic Interlude) The Desirable Goal (Self Fulfillment) Sweeter Than Honey (Poetic Interpretation) True Story of Self (Reflection) Egyptian Magic in Modern Times Still in Effect from King Tutankhamen (Prophesy from Translation) The Real Power Behind King Tutankhamen (Lineage) THE GOOD PATH (THE KEY TO LIFE) Journey of the Soul (THE KEY) SOUL. BODY.MIND. (SELF PERFECTION) Correspondences from 1975-date: American Opinion Magazine* B.P. Singer Corp.* Carnegie Corporation* Chicago Historical Society* Chicago Magazine* Congresswoman Gladys Noon Spellman* Dell* Dorrance* Doubleday* Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt* Egyptologist, Labib Habachy* Fate* Field Museum, granted the right to photograph Egyptian Artifacts* Gallery* George Little Press* Harper & Row* Harper’s Bazaar* Illinois Issues* Institute of Modern Languages* Institute of Psychic Science* Jacksonville Children’s Museum* Lee Boltin* Mankind* Metro-Publishing* Midwest Television Review* National Geographic* Psychic* Quest* Rand McNally* Random House* Reader’s Digest* Saga* Smithsonian* South Cornelia Young Library* The British Library* The British Museum, T.G.H. James, Keeper of Egyptian Antiquities and Dr. I.E.S. Edwards* The Cleveland Museum of Art* The Metropolitan Museum* The Oriental Institute* The Sunday Times (London)* The University of Chicago Magazine* The Washington Post* The White House, Office of President Carter* Translation Center of Columbia University* U.S. Copyright Office* U.S. News and World Report* WROD-Radio S.F., Ca. News Articles: King Tutankhamen Exhibit created by Andrew Earl Singer King Tut Type Artifacts In Takoma Park Former Student Spawns Son of Tut Singer Advance New Theory On Egyptian Hieroglyphics Deciphering Hieroglyphics Singer’s Reincarnation of King Tut

  3. Andrew Earl Singer says:

    Snapshots of my great life!

  4. Andrew Earl Singer says:

    Love is the Key

    Love is the Key from our Universal Souls,
    We are the keys to the gate.
    We open the path to our minds, be forever!
    And close our minds to lock out the hate.

    Come on now people we are finding,
    We don’t worry our problems away.
    We are workers for smiles on our faces,
    On our faces are our dreams of yesterday.

    Yes, LOVE is the key.

    Love is the Key from our Universal Souls,
    We are the keys to the gate.
    We open the path to our minds, be forever!
    And close our minds to lock out the hate.

    Now, I want all of you,
    To lead the rest of us,
    To the taste,
    Of a Rainbow.

    Love, Love, Love Is The Key!

  5. DLS says:


    As the night,
    Vanishes all around.
    A heart makes no sound.
    As echoes of love,
    once was said.
    Hopes and dream’s,
    All but dead.
    As new love arises,
    In the distant.
    Tears dry in an instant.
    As love falters,
    Within in the soul.
    True love starts,
    To unfold.
    With each new day.
    True love slowly,
    Makes it’s way.
    To mend hearts broken,
    In so many ways.
    To show You and I,
    True love never die’s!
    Author D.L.S.

  6. Dianne Turner says:

    I am participating in 100 thousand poets with Talent Magazine Miami…..

    Dianne Turner

    • Dianne Turner says:

      “Unconditional Love”

      Our love is endless

      Love is shared near and far

      Knowing no boundries

      We love our close ones

      Yet, have the ability to love across the world

      Just open your heart

      Let the love flow for one another

      Love is a purpose of life

      We love unconditionally

      We love one another without restrictions

      Our ability to love in different ways is evident

      Love one another no matter who or where you are

  7. DLS says:

    Two Heart’s.

    I don’t have to see you,
    Or touch you. Just to know,
    You bestow me in your heart.
    Even though I know.
    Were miles and miles apart.

    I don’t have to hear your voice.
    Calling my name, or hear the words.
    That are meant to be the same.
    For two hearts that want to be claimed

    Thought’s you hold inside your head.
    I already know, Nothing to be said.
    Like puzzle pieces’ that fit together.
    Two hearts know what lies within each other.

    No movements to be seen. For these eye’s to see.
    Form time to time, You think of me.
    Within the emotion’s of the heart, Blindness now sees’.
    Two heart’s that are meant to be.

    By Author D.L.S.

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