Erie, Pennsylvania

Organizer: Cee Williams, International Fellowship of Poets and Spoken Word Artists


Organizer: Marisa Moks-Unger


Open Mic of Local/Regional Poets at Poets’ Hall In Erie, PA

Continuous Open-Mic Session 7-Midnight!

“Responding to the Voices of our Ancestors” is the theme of the 100,000 Poets for Change event in Erie, PA. Many Americans entered the US through violence in their homelands. We, the poets of Erie, speak
to our ancestors strife as well as addrressing the violence that continues in our city today in hope of a more peace-filled tomorrow.

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3 Responses to Erie, Pennsylvania

  1. Kurt Sahlmann says:

    We poets, wee little Poets, wander the landscape of the soul, seeking answers where there are only questions, pursuing truth in the land of so many lies, pushing forward a better world of imagination and hope. Before us is an empty page. What words we use is our choice. We speak of what is and what can be. Like a drop of water, One poet, with 100 thousand others, can change the landscape of mountains.

  2. Change is inevitable

    Good or bad

    go with the flow

    It’s your persistence to stay committed

    to who you truly are

    in a life play where you’re the star

    setting goals, raising your own bar

    Making learning experiences outta of your messes

    Change is evolutionary

    can be a lil scary

    only for the visionaries

    who dare to defy the odds

    Pioneers of uncharted territory

    Only out for personal satisfaction and inner glory

    leaving legacies in their life story

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