Faridabad, India

Organizer: Praveen Parasar

Contact: praveen.prsr@hotmail.com

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  1. We and Life!

    Life and death
    Love and hate
    Pleasure and sorrow
    It flourishes and diminishes
    The mirror it shows
    Of others and self
    Like a river that flows
    And flows, and flows!

    We await and wait
    We love and wait
    We fear and wait
    We want and wait
    We rush and wait
    Wait for that moment
    That never comes
    Or comes and goes
    Noticed, unnoticed, and we wait!

    We dwell, out of sync
    Random thoughts, tricked
    We enter, we leave
    We fix, we snooze
    We choose, we loose
    A constant thrive, a booze
    We pay and posses
    Carves for more and more, poor soul
    Infinite layer of empty closets
    Still empty, we wonder
    We wonder and look around
    For something else
    For something new!

    We miss, we act
    We watch, we react
    Hero and coward
    We struggle, we fight
    To find what is wrong
    What is right
    Things we see, eyes
    Open, closed
    What we hear, ears
    Listening or deaf
    We sense, we feel
    We wound, we heal
    We crumble, we rise
    We show, we hide
    We relate and relieve
    We trust and deceive
    We search, we find
    Life plays and rewind
    Colors float on canvas
    But it remains white
    Memories has no color
    And we live, we die!

    By: Praveen Parasar
    Date: 26/09/2012

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