Dk Osei-Yaw- AFRICAN IMAGE-Accra, Ghana 2013



Dk Osei-Yaw will prepare a special installation for 100 Thousand Poets for Change on September 28. All documentation will appear here.

‘African Image — Baasa Kro’ is an exhibition of ‘Poetry Installations’ by DK Osei-Yaw that was sponsored by the German Goethe Institute in Accra. Poetry Installations are the use of art installations to bring out the power in the imagination of words such as a text of poetry or prose. The purpose of ‘African Image — Baasa-Kro’ was to document the evolution of the African cultural identity in a globalized environment. Each of the four installations produced had three main identity elements: a background, a costume and an African persona.

Previous installation:


The inspiration for this Poetry Installation, ‘YOUR FEET FOR A WORTHY CAUSE’ comes from the expression, ‘100 Thousand Poets for Change’. The purpose is to make the work significant to the campaign by Michael Rothenberg who contacted DK Osei-Yaw for a special exhibition for ‘100 Thousand Poets for Change’ after viewing the short video of African Image – Baasa kro on YouTube. ‘YOUR FEET FOR A WORTHY CAUSE’ project interprets the expression, ‘100 Thousand Poets for Change’ from a purely artistic point of view where ‘A 100 Thousand’ represents a crowd moving on a busy sidewalk, with its individual members heading in diverse directions. And ‘Poets for Change’ the second part of the expression, represents a kind of romanticism of the behavior of the crowd’s movement in relation to the goal or motive or objective or movement of the artist, who attempts a unification of the crowd behind one goal for the unique purpose of change or development.

From Thursday to Saturday morning i.e. from September 26 to 28, DK Osei-Yaw and his team shall attempt a 100 thousand footprint silhouettes made from different pieces of scrap fabric collected from the tailor’s shop. You are invited to join the team the entire day at Afrocentric on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and make your own footprints for a worthy cause. Beginning midday on Saturday, DK Osei-Yaw will finally make ready the installation for the celebration in the evening at 4pm at Afrocentric which is located behind the Accra Academy School in Bubuashie, Kaneshie. Among other things shall be a stunning performance by the Afro-German Theatre Group led by Hayford Anyidoho and Spoken Word by DK Osei-Yaw and Paul of the Goethe Institute. The exhibition shall be webcast live all over the world from the 100 Thousand Poets for Change Headquarters in Santa Rosa, California. It’s Free! Be There

DK Osei-Yaw
Poet/Art Entrepreneur




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