Barbara Cole-Buffalo, New York 2014

Organizer: Barbara Cole




David Landrey formed our group. Dan Kolb played guitar to accompany the readings. Readers : Fred Whitehead, Richard Olson, Patrick Hulsman, Helen Ruggieri, James Taylor, Robert Taylor, Jim Maurino and David Landrey. We were part of the Just Buffalo event by the grain elevators along the Niagara River/ Buffalo River complex. A chapbook of the reading was published in advance and copies were distributed to the audience

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  1. Robert Taylor says:

    Our group decided to work around on the theme “Ghost Dance”. Each of us submitted several poems well in advance of Sept.27th. We then had the choice to write two rounds of poems, including response poems to each others submitted poems. David Landrey compiled and arranged all of the submissions into a chapbook and organized a practice session, along with musician Don Kolb, to help refine our program.

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