Deborah Mashibini – West Lebanon, New Hampshire 2014

ORGANIZER: Deborah Mashibini


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  1. Deborah Mashibini says:

    Here’s the info on our event!


    100 Thousand Poets for Change

    is a movement that has been occurring for several years. In thousands of locations around the world poets and others will gather on September 27thto share, through verse, music and art, their individual concerns about the state of the our earth and our hope that our words, notes and images will help create change.
    In the Upper Valley we will be meeting at the Kilton Library in West Lebanon for an exchange of our poetry focused on the individual poet’s concerns about what needs to change. Each poet is welcome to approach change from their own perspective, igniting thoughts and discussions about issues political, social, cultural, global, ecological, war, peace, even personal. As Gandhi said, “You must be the change you wish in the world.”

    Put your ideas and concerns in a poem and bring them to Kilton Library to share with others. Too much we isolate ourselves from the world. We don’t reach out to others with our fears, with our hopes, with our dreams. They might play across the small screen in our hand, but they don’t recognize the smile on our face when someone else responds. Our gathering of poems can begin to build a community of smiles, and hopes, to make change truly happen.

    2pm to 5pm at Kilton Library, in West Lebanon on Saturday September 27th. Together let’s build

    A Time of Change

    For more information about 100TPC go to their website

    For more information about our Kilton event and to sign-up to read your poem, contact or call Frank Gould 603-448-1660

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