Elizabeth MacDuffie- Easthampton, Massachusetts 2015

ORGANIZER: Elizabeth MacDuffie
CONTACT: meatfortea@gmail.com

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  1. Here is the excellent lineup for tomorrow:
    100,000 Poets, Artists, and Musicians for Change lineup

    noon-12:15 Ingrid Steblea
    12:20-12:50 Mystics Anonymous
    12:55-1:10-Daniel Hales
    1:15-1:30 Joseph Boisvere
    1:35-1:55 Alison Murchie
    2:00-2:15 Shanta Paloma
    2:20-2: 50 Samantha Wood
    2:55-3:10 Connelly Ryan
    3:15-3:30 The Frost Heave
    3:35-3:55- Kristin Bock
    4:00-4:15 Michael Alves
    4:20-4:50 Steve Koziol/ Span of Sunshine
    4:55-5:10 Michael Goldman
    5:15-5:30 Caroline Zaikowski
    5:35-5:55 Wishbone Zoe

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