Lisa Vihos-Sheboygan, Wisconsin 2015


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2 Responses to Lisa Vihos-Sheboygan, Wisconsin 2015

  1. Thomas D. Hibbard says:

    …lisa that sounds like a good event…i’ll be in racine in the evening…reading my sad love song…say hi to ed werstein from tom hibbard…we protested the Iraq war for about three years in Waukesha…somehow it all seems so unimportant…

  2. Lisa Vihos says:

    We will gather at Deland Home Park on a bluff in Sheboygan, overlooking Lake Michigan from 2-4 p.m. to share words, songs, and laughter.
    We’ll start the day with some music from Dan and LisaJo Borchers.
    Wisconsin poets featured: Gerald Bertsch, Sylvia Cavanaugh, Mary Kunert, Leighanne Metter-Jensen, Georgia Ressmeyer, Lisa Vihos, Ed Werstein, Marilyn Zelke-Windau and YOU! It’s an open mic! Bring a poem or song to share!
    Jon Doll will share some music and we’ll have an impromptu theatrical reading of his fabulous opus on the true value of art, “Art’s Acceptance Speech.”
    Then, at 4:30, we’ll get the drum circle going under the guidance of Kathy Alby and friends.
    Drums of Grace, here we come!


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